TruE, HonesT, Balanced

I look for these characteristics in every wine I represent. I import only what I consider to be very interesting, very honest wines from classic appellations in France. Unique, artisanal, small production wines that speak to particular places in the world, and the people who live in them.

– Frederick Corriher




Our Wines, Our Growers

We never represent a grower without meeting them first, visiting their estate, sharing a meal, and talking about what drives them to make great wine. We represent only farmers, never big factory, industrial winemakers.

When we shake a grower's hand for the first time and it doesn’t feel a little rough — if there isn’t some dirt under his fingernails — he’s probably not the grower for us.

We represent some of the greatest estates in the world, like Domaine de la Vieille Julienne in Chateauneuf-du-Pape. But we also represent estates that no one's ever heard of — and that’s OK with us. Not every superstar starts out as a superstar. Many of our growers are taking over for their parents, finding their way, trying new things. We love that. We love watching an estate find its way to making great wine.


Organic & Biodynamic Wine

Almost all of the growers we represent are certified organic, certified biodynamic, or in conversion to one or the other.  In addition to these methods being better for the Earth, our belief is that if a grower is willing to put in the extra work that's required to become certified in one of these categories, he probably also has an ethic that makes for harder work in the winery and in the vineyards.



I seek elegant, balanced wine first – not necessarily powerful wine.  Elegant, balanced wine can be made in any vintage, powerful wine requires certain stars to align.  All of my growers make elegant, balanced wine.

- Frederick Corriher


I care about place, what others in the business usually call "terroir".  For me the concept of place means honesty.  It means the wine was grown in a singular spot on Earth and was grown in a singular vintage.  An honest wine that doesn’t seek to be the style of another vintage or to have the personality of the winery down the street.  It speaks of its place, its vintage, and of the person who made it.

- Frederick Corriher