Unique wines

A unique way of doing business 

For every wine we sell we ask: is the wine honest? Is it high-quality? But we also need to know: can our customer sell it? Will they make money selling it? Will they be offering their own customers a value?

We want every wine that one of our customers buys from us to have a distinctive place in their portfolio. Want want to make sure that's it's understandable to the customer's salespeople, and that it's positioned to sell.

It's an unconventional business approach for an importer, but it's how we build the customer relationships that are at the center of our business.

We believe in what we sell, and we never force a bad fit. We pay attention to what our customers need, and sell only what we believe will succeed — wines that will stand out and be priced right. 

We get to know you, and we get to know your market

We invest in the success of our wines, which means knowing our customers, but just as importantly, their customers.

Whenever we can we spend time in a customer's market. We go on sales calls, we get familiar with local consumers and local tastes. We also invest time in educating salespeople, developing their expertise, and giving them the tools they need to sell successfully.

There when you need us

We're a small company. Our owners take an interest in every facet of the business, and in every customer no matter how small. If a sales manager needs a special price to make a transaction happen, they can call us directly and get an answer on the spot. We're available to you and your team day and night. Want an answer on a Côtes du Rhône at 11:30 at night? Text us. Odds are we'll answer you right away. We're as accessible as any supplier you have.